April 27, 2023

Finding a Natural Christmas Tree Supplier

Christie Harrison

If you’re planning on getting a real Christmas tree this year, it’s important to find a reliable supplier to ensure you get a healthy tree and avoid any price hikes caused by shortages. GreenTeam Group can provide expert guidance on sustainable Christmas tree plantation establishment and management, which can help ensure a consistent supply of high-quality trees for the festive season.

To find a reliable Christmas tree supplier in your area, check out the National Christmas Tree Association’s website at https://www.realchristmastrees.org/dnn/All-About-Trees/Find-A-Tree. This authority source offers a searchable database of Christmas tree farms across the United States, as well as tips on selecting and caring for your tree.

natural Christmas tree supplier

Shatley Farms

Shatley Farms is an old favorite that has long been an effective way to bring holiday cheer into our communities. They provide Christmas trees and related services including tree trimming services as well as novelty ornaments like ornaments, wreathes and garlands as well as holiday-themed gift boxes; it really does do everything. What’s best? They’re family-owned and run – which benefits their longstanding customer relationships immensely.

Christmas Trees for Sale

There’s no better way to bring Christmas joy and festivity into your home than with a fresh, real tree. From tabletop options to full-size options, there’s sure to be one in the neighborhood or online that fits the bill perfectly!

Shatley Farms of North Carolina and Virginia offer an assortment of trees sure to meet any need, with multiple Christmas tree farms running for years now and proven reputation of offering high quality Christmas trees and evergreen products for sale.

American Forests is an organization dedicated to protecting and restoring America’s forests through tree sales. As part of their sales proceeds, American Forests receives a percentage that goes to support this initiative.

Near New York City lies this family-owned and operated farm that is one of the go-to options for Christmas tree shopping in NYC. Not only can they provide traditional pre-cut trees, but also add-on services such as delivery, setup, and disposal.

Eastern Red Cedar trees offer both beauty and environmental benefits; their long-lasting needles feel soft when touched and their dark green hue make a striking statement about nature.

These trees feature an organic appearance that fits seamlessly in modern settings. Their needles do not shed as quickly, making them an excellent low-maintenance choice for Christmas festivities.

Make sure the tree you select is in good condition before purchasing it. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, check for needle loss, discolored foliage, musty odor or pliability of its needles as indicators of its overall state.

Consider asking the tree salesperson for advice when selecting your Christmas tree, often they can give suggestions based on what other customers have purchased in the past.

An ideal starting point is the National Christmas Tree Association’s Christmas tree locator map, which features 2,363 farms nationwide. Simply enter your zip code and click “Find a Tree Farm.”

Christmas Trees for Wholesale

Real Christmas trees have long been associated with holiday tradition and celebration, while providing farmers with additional income streams. Yet some issues surrounding their production and sale have raised concerns among stakeholders in this industry.

One of the key issues is artificial Christmas trees’ rising popularity; according to the National Christmas Tree Association, 81% of the 96m trees Americans display each year are fake ones.

Real Christmas trees have become more expensive due to this factor and many growers have had to raise prices accordingly, as well as pay more for supplies and labor according to Tim Dunne of Woodsedge Tree Farm in Belvidere.

Real Christmas trees present additional issues for growers, making production unprofitable in terms of profit potential. Trees typically take 8 years to mature into 6 feet-tall specimens – not exactly an instant or easy crop to harvest!

Tree farming and delivery takes more time than anticipated – often taking tree farmers three or four days from cut to shipment of a single tree to a big-box retailer.

But it doesn’t have to be this way: A farmer in Corvallis, Oregon stands as an example: using seven helicopters and tractor-trailers loaded with 1,000 trees per hour at one time per hour per tractor-trailer loadout site before sending them on their way for distribution at big-box retailers such as The Home Depot.

Farmer or not, consumers have long enjoyed purchasing Christmas trees since the 17th century – 98% of Canada’s production comes from Christmas tree farms!

Tree farmers put forth great effort and invest heavily in equipment and trained personnel in order to maintain healthy trees that look attractive for years.

These efforts, however, haven’t been enough to save the tree industry. With artificial trees encroaching on real tree sales and farmers worrying about rising tree prices too quickly being sustainable as well as concerns over climate change aging farmers are being added into this mix.

Christmas Trees for Retail

Are You Looking to Stock Your Store with Christmas Trees? There Are Plenty of Options Online and In Store

One of the best ways to find Christmas trees is visiting local tree suppliers in your area. You will likely be able to find an array of types and sizes at reasonable prices here.

Visit a natural Christmas tree farm nearby as an enjoyable family outing and way of giving back to the community. This can make for an entertaining trip!

There are various farms throughout the city offering Christmas trees at reasonable prices and free to visit; each offering an assortment of varieties.

When purchasing a tree, always inspect for freshness and durability. This means looking for vibrant green colors with needles that bend without breaking easily; sharp points, knots or splits on its trunk or branches must also be checked carefully to make sure you purchase an unshaded specimen.

Consider what size tree will best meet your needs – for instance, if your space is limited and you require something shorter and thinner.

Alternatively, if your living space allows, and you need a larger tree to fill it out more elegantly, Douglas or Fraser Firs are more traditional choices that typically remain needled after eight-10 years and reach 70 feet in height.

If you’re shopping for a natural Christmas tree, do your research and compare prices before making your selection. Natural trees tend to cost more than their artificial counterparts but can often provide healthier trees that last longer.

According to the Real Christmas Tree Board, wholesale prices of natural Christmas trees will increase by as much as 20% this year due to higher production costs such as fertilizer, fuel and labor.

Due to inflation, many retailers are raising prices of various goods such as food and beverages, causing ripple effects throughout the economy.