March 8, 2021

Learning to play craps without putting capital at risk

Christie Harrison

The game with the dice is one of the oldest among the games of chance, and despite the time that has passed since its invention; this has not stopped being one of the most played by betting fans. For this reason, to this day either in land-based casinos or online casinos is a table game that cannot be missed.

What he likes the most about dice games is that the rules of the game are quite simple. However, like everything, you need to practice to master the strategies well, and even more so when you want to place bets with which you hope to multiply your money.

That is why the most advisable part of documenting well with the rules of the game, is to practice as much as possible. And one of the advantages that online casinos offer over terrestrial casinos, is that in the former it is possible to play completely free of charge so that in addition to being purely for entertainment purposes, it is an excellent way to practice and polish with the strategies until you feel that you have enough knowledge to dare to play and bet some money on it.

For this reason, here are some recommendations on the best alternatives you have to play craps without putting a coin or risk of bankroll funds.

How to play dice online?

For someone who is just starting out in the world of gambling, maybe facing the game of the dice, give them a little fear and feel overwhelmed because without a doubt they come to think that it is very complex, that there are many calculations and enough chances of losing money if wrong bets are made.

In this way, the game methodology will be presented briefly, either if the person is new to the game or if he is someone with more experience who wants to refresh the procedures, because even if you have a time playing this type of games It is never too much to continue studying and reviewing the instructions, because you can always learn something new, especially when it comes to the types of bets that can be made.

So how do you play? To begin, it is important to know the basics of the game. In this way, you have that the dice are developed in a table that has marked some of the different bets that the player can make. Also, it is played with a pair of dice, which are thrown to the board by the player in charge, called “the shooter”.

The dice rounds begin again when a passband is formed or the linear bet cannot pass this being a mandatory minimum requirement bet for the shooter and for all those participants wishing to enter a round of play, regardless of be it in an online casino or in a physical one.

When it comes to an online casino, the procedure is simple and precise, since it is only necessary to click on the amount you want to bet located on the sides of the screen in a group of chips (taking into account that they are valid virtual coins only for the game and without real value). Once this selection is made, click on the game tavern, trying to point out the correct position of the bet you want to make, be it the pass area or the no passing area.

In this way, the game is started with the main roll of dice called “throw away” where when getting a 7 or an 11 in the results of the throwing of the exit, the bets of the type of pass are those that determine the winner, while that those that do not pass are the bets that are lost and therefore, they end the round. Conversely, when numbers are drawn as 2, 3 or 12, these being the digits that give a name to the game craps, the bets made in the pass are the ones requested and the ones that are not passed, the winners, ending the round.

With the remaining numbers, that is, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 what is done is to establish the point number, with which the players have the opportunity to make another bet if they wish. Thus, the game will continue in that same round until the player who rolls the dice rolls a 7 or one of the point numbers. In this sense, the pass bets will be won when before the 7 the point number is released; in turn, when the 7 leaves before the point number the non-pass bets are the ones that determine the victory.

Other types of bets

In the game of craps you can make other types of bets, which are described below:

Come and odds bets

They have the same performance as the base bets, that is, the pass and do not pass, with the difference that these can be made after the start of the game. Likewise, they are independent bets and not ones that apply to all participants. In such sense, once a bet is carried out, the consecutive launch will be the one that will determine if the player wins or not, although there is also the possibility of obtaining a point number.

The player will become the winner if the point number is reached before a 7 comes out, so if the latter leaves first, he will lose. Also, if the player made a “do not come” bet, he will win when the 7 is thrown before the individual point number, while if he leaves first, he will be irretrievably lost. On the other hand, there is another type of bet that is not marked on the board and is highly recommended because it takes advantage of the house to a minimum. It consists of betting on a pass or not pass and those of the come or not come, betting on multiples of the initial amount that are placed with chips behind the desired bet.

Side bets

Finally, because there are many types of craps bets, these can be grouped as laterals, such as those of a single roll or several, jump, fields, among others. However, to describe them it would cover more than what is desired, therefore it is recommended to carry out a deep revision of both the rules and the craps strategies, where the payments and the odds are detailed in each bet.