March 8, 2021

Legends of Thunderstruck

Christie Harrison

This is the post which I am going to share with you all is about the best moment of my life which came out through the worst incident of mine. I am very fond of biking and usually try to roam around through that only. Last year when a party was decided by our friends I decided to go there by motor cycle only. I tied the knot and get away, it was somehow I would have travelled about 90 km something went wrong with my bike. The reason of disappointment was to go late in the party. I informed my troop about my location and the decision was taken that they all are coming to me with some beers and something to eat. I was all alone there and decided to visit the world of pokies. I made search related to my passion and I found Thunderstruck the most promising one. I downloaded the full app and got some bonuses by this.

I went through the user manual and even went for the tutorial for gaining as much as I can during that interval of time. I found it much mythological, as you start this you will find the heroes of the game enchanting Valkyrie, wise Odin, Loki, and the most powerful thunder god Thor. This is one of the best one, as it can be decided by the knowledge that I was playing the second edition of this one. The main strategy which is being followed is to combine the symbols of the characters in a specific manner in slots provided. This is featured with 5 reels and a wide range of play lines which is 243. For getting the jackpot, the thing which you have to do is to get the legend Thor on the three reels and for the biggest jackpot you will have to get him on the reel 4 and 5. I was fortunate that I did it and get reward in the form of money which was really a feeling that I was all above the world. Meanwhile my friends came and we started bashing their only with our beers. You all will love it, go for it and grab as many as you can.