March 8, 2021

Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword- the best gaming experience

Christie Harrison

As you all heard about the most famous and well know character Lara croft. When I was in college, I went with my batch mates to watch this movie. I liked the story of the movie, the girl found the treasures in the whole movie. I was very obsessed with the character and after few months while surfing on the web I found some online, so I was going through from all and then I found Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword pokie.

Basically that was a betting game, before start playing it I thought a lot that playing with real money is worthy or not. Then I remembered about my cousin he used to bet on the online casinos. I called him and asked about some gambling and all stuff. So he described me in brief, I started playing this game with little amount and there was a stage where I got stuck. The most exciting stage was the last one in which I had to find the last one Hidden sword, but it was not easy there were many traps left in my way. I was very disappointed but I was not a loser. So I stared some searching about the slots how to play, how to win, tutorials and some cheat codes etc.

The idea of this game has been taken from the movie; you have to unlock the door to find the secret treasures by the keys. If you will find all the treasures then you will win the jackpot. The amazing graphics and the stellar sound make it one of the best pokie you ever played before. Along with all these features the audio and the visual experiences was amazing. It provided me the most fantastic betting features with 5 free spins and 30 payline. Over all I was a best gaming experience I ever had. Now I most use to play this whenever I get time. and also suggest you to play this.