March 8, 2021

Is There Ever a Place on the Internet That Is Suitable For Casino Gaming

Recently I received a phone call from a friend whose mother had just been laid off from her job. This friend had told me that her friend had picked up the idea that we were going to have a get-together together every week and every week she had made a special trip to the casino just for us. Seems crazy, yet in a family of six kids nobody had ever offered to do that. But it was all we could do to make her happy. We got together every week and played in the Belmont, the Rolling Western, the Louisiana Casino Treasure Cruise, and of course the halls of Congress and paid a deposit on that Montana license since we can’t have a holiday in the middle of Nowhere, the place we came from.

We plan on having another get together sometime this summer, but this year we wanted to take the opportunity to talk about the casino in our hometown. According to our friend that it has gotten quite a bit of attention and that people have been coming in by the hundreds just to take a look and to “try their luck” and that some people have been coming in who never even knew about the casino in Bannock.

Now of course our futures are rising in value and it seems that every online casino is offering their services now. Even so we’ve decided that our futures are better spent on a quality casino equipment then a mediocre taylor suit. It has been so popular though that we may have to get a smaller folding card table because our little fold away table has become a concert stage at the same time.

This week we went to Las Vegas and managed to find a nice little treat. Someone was kind enough to let us play in their casino. While we have played in some of the smaller locals out there, this was the first time we were playing in a real casino and it occurred to us that it would be a bit too fascinating to play against someone who was actually skilled in their field. It was also suggested that we play with sunglasses so that we could not least see the expressions in our opponent’s faces.

After all there’s no point in fooling the best. Although I’m sure that they thought we were bluffs, the event still revealed quite a few interesting facets of the game. The whole event would have been a lot less interesting if we hadn’t gone over to beat the house.

Later that night we got some decent results and we also had some pretty good tips. The next event in Las Vegas should be better. I would still like to go back, but I’m not sure if its worthwhile to go at such a low cost since the casino is so over inflated because of the consultants fees.

Which brings me to my big question: what’s the best value for your money?

Get a winning system from someone who is good at what they do. Books are great, but most of them are focused on hands and specific cards. Hands like three of seven off suit, or five of sevens rank among the favorites, but most players are very selective. Reverses are almost always wrong. The odds are against you and they never get any better than they are against us. Try and find a book written by a player who has built up a name for himself. Don’t go with a system killer, or one that is a skin of someone else’s game. Find a genuine pro.

We’ve been at it for over three years. Online play and table games generally are, by and large, boring. There isn’t any variety. You might consider bingo boring, but it isn’t trading tempo. People aren’t watching you because they like what they see. If anything these shows have become a kitschy throwback to the 1970s, which is kind of awesome in a way.

We’ve written a lot of guides, tips, and tricks, and they never get as good as they should. Part of it is we write a lot of them, and they get lost in the newsletter. We’ve tried to consolidation them into a single volume, and it’s too wordy. They’re good enough, however. Find a book that is headed “Tournaments” rather than “Traps”. That’s our preference. You can skip the chapters on “Donkey Waiting Strategy” and start with “The Guide Balot”. The “Donkey Strategy” should give you a toe hold in the genres, and the “Donkey Testimonial” will honestly surprise you.

The second volume in the “Donkeys Play” series is maybe a little more challenging to find. We’re talking about the players in the Donkeys Play control group, not the ones in gold decks. The intention is to find ones that play different styles in different positions.